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MarinaPro Software & Options Selection
One (1) Year user subscription license for one computer
MarinaPro Dockage Management Software installation
MarinaPro Quick-Start Guide
User Support via internet, telephone and/or e-mail
Add customized realtime Marina Status Overview Screen Layout
Add Marina Dockage Reservations Software Module
Add Marina Reservation & Information webpage
Add Online Reservations request form to webpage
Add Client Computer WIFI/Ethernet Network Connectivity Module
Add Seasonal Dockage Availibility Database (SDAD) Software
Add Onsite Computer PM, Troubleshooting and Software Support
We encourage you to call or email us to discuss your application prior to a quote request or ordering of MarinaPro software. Due to the customizable nature of MarinaPro software, we wish to discuss with you everything that we might do to meet your specific needs. Orders for MarinaPro Dockage Management software may be expedited via email. Please be advised that we require payment via check or ACH Bank transfer for all software and services.
What's included with the MarinaPro (Basic) Software Package:
General Information - homeport@WharfSide
MarinaPro 24/7 Email Customer Support - support@WharfSide
You can expect to receive a reply to email inquiries within 24 hours.
We offer a 10-Day money back guarantee should you not be pleased with your purchase. However, the money back guarantee only applies to the base software package, and not to any custom optional features, or other billed services already provided.
Download a MarinaPro Quote Request Form here.
Optional Add-On Features that are now available:
All for an annulized cost of less than $5.00 per day.
Revised: 01/20/2022
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