Revised: 01/17/2022
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Customer Information Record
Thousands of customer records may be created.
Customer Data Entry Screen
Creating and Using Customer Records

The information entered into a customer record is utilized by MarinaPro whenever a dockage assignment is made. The customers normal method of payment is entered here as well to help reduce manual entry of information needed to create a dockage invoice. By using the mouse to click the "Invoice History" tab you can view each invoiced visit made to the marina by the customer and review the dockage invoice itself if you wish. This data entry screen is also used to enter a seasonal customers dockage assignment.

To enter a customer into the marina and assign dockage, simply use the "Create Customer" button to enter a new customer or "Find Customer" button to find an existing customer record by boat registration number, boat name or customer name. Once the customer record is on the screen, use the mouse to activate the "Create Invoice" button at the top of the data entry screen. You will be asked to enter your PIN security code before being allowed to proceed. A drop-down list of available dockage will be presented; select the approiate dockage location and that dockage will be assigned to the customer; and the customer record information will be inserted into a new dockage invoice to complete the transaction. You will then be automatically moved from the customer database to the invoice database where your screen will display the dockage invoice created.
They can be viewed in both List and Data Entry screen formats. Each record requires customer name, boat registration, boat name and boat length.
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Review Invoice Data Entry Sample
Review Reservation Data Entry Sample
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