MarinaPro Dockage Management
A Windows based database solution specifically for Marina Harbormasters

MarinaPro was created to track boat slip, rack and mooring dockage in real time. It accomodates fuel and a limited number of POS item sales and may be customized to meet the specific needs of your marina.

MarinaPro software is licensed for use on an annual basis. It is offered on a qualified 10-Day money back guarantee. Onsite contracted installation and training services are available and are quoted on an individual marina request basis.
Good marina management demands you know what
dockage is available, and when.

MarinaPro is navigated from a "Main Menu" screen. A one time entry of each customer and their boating information is used to generate all dockage assignments and invoices. On the Main Menu screen, the total number of boats in the marina and the total number of boats due to leave on a daily basis are constantly displayed and updated automatically. For those high traffic marina's who typically maintain an in-water customer waiting list, the MarinaPro "Dockmaster" feature allows boats to be wait listed and then quickly entered into the marina and invoiced when their pre-assigned dockage space is available. A "Harbormaster Log" feature facilitates daily work assignment notification for staff and any other important information that needs to be passed on or archived. Individually assigned staff PIN numbers are utilized to identify dock hands who enter boats into dockage locations within the marina. A transient boater "Reservations" feature is available for those marina's that take advance reservations. Printed reports can be generated to track daily, weekly and monthly sales. Other reports are also provided.

Primary MarinaPro Database Solution Elements:

A unique feature of MarinaPro is an interactive "Marina Overview" screen element (Optional) which displays the current dockage status in real time. A custom scaled pictorial representation of your marina shows current availability of both seasonal and transient dockage; whether it is currently occupied, and by whom. All aspects of boater dockage assigment, invoicing and departure can be run from this single screen layout of the marina.

The marina
“Inventory” database is typically configured on a one time basis with the information needed on each slip, rack, mooring, fuel and limited POS items offered by the marina.

Information entered here includes:
• Identification number or name for each slip, rack, mooring and POS item
• Length of each slip and rack
• Type rating for each mooring and boat length accommodated

“Customer” database requires that a customer need only be entered into the database on their first visit to the marina. Information collected and stored includes:
• Customer name, address and phone numbers
• Boat registration, name, type, length, manufacturer and homeport
• Number of people normally aboard
• Payment method (Credit Card, Cash, Check, Prepaid)
• Any seasonal customer information (Slip, Rack or Mooring assignment)

A marina dockage
“Reservations” database (Optional) is utilized to make and track advance customer dockage reservations. It can be configured for compatibility with state sponsored marina reservation systems or as a complete custom in-marina dockage reservations system.

Dockage reservation tracking information includes:
• Customer name & Address information (auto entry from customer DB)
• Boat registration & name information (auto entry from customer DB)
• Customer arrival and departure dates
• Total stay days, associated dockage rate, and any reservation fees
• Customer payment method (auto entry from customer DB)

A marina sales or
“Invoice” database is activated automatically when a new or returning customer is added to or found in the customer database.

The invoice for dockage and/or POS transactions includes:
• Customer information (auto entry from customer DB)
• Customer boat information (auto entry from customer DB)
• Customer payment method (auto entry from customer DB)
• Dockage assignment, daily dockage rate, and any POS items purchased
Revised: 01/23/2022
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