Marina Status Overview
Instant analysis of current marina dockage status.
Marina Status Screen
Real Time Virtual Marina Overview (Optional)

A custom scaled pictorial representation of the marina shows current status and availability of both seasonal and transient dockage. Through color coding of each dockage location, the dockage locations are defined as being reserved seasonal, vacant transient, occupied transient or un-usable due to insuffient space available. Also, through a color coded flag at each occupied dockage location, the customers departure status is indicated.

Selection of any given dockage location with the computers mouse will open a new window to present detailed information about that locations current status. For example, occupied dockage will identify the boat in that location and allow quick access to depart the customer from the marina when the dockage is indicated as being ready to be vacated.

Selection of a vacant dockage location will allow immediate entry of either boat registration or boat name that brings up the boaters database stored information and then generates the dockage invoice needed to initiate occupancy of the selected dockage.

All aspects of boater dockage assigment, invoicing and departure can be run quickly and easily from the custom overview screen layout of the marina.
Easy to understand Color coded dockage utilization and availability status.
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