Revised: 01/17/2022
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Dockage/POS Sales Records
Invoice Record Screen
The Dockage Invoice

The dockage invoice is the heart of the MarinaPro MDM Solution. When it is created, the assigned customer record is flagged to indicate that the customer is "In Marina". Also, the dockage assigned is removed from the dockage available listing until the customer departs the marina. To change the number of days the customer will stay in the marina, simply change the "Departure" date. The invoice quantity is updated and the invoice total is adjusted to reflect the stay change. POS items may be selected from the "Dockage/Item" entry field drop-down list for entry into the invoice below the dockage line item. Printing of the invoice completes the transaction and returns you to the Main Menu screen to await the next customer.
Invoices are created and numbered sequentially.
All required customer data and the dockage assignment is automatically entered into the invoice to create a one or multi-day stay in the marina.
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