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A "Preferences" button provides access to screens that allow one time entry of many items such as dockage, fuel and POS item pricing. Other things include printer setup, security PIN numbers and more. Navigation to customer records, the "Dockmaster" wait list tool, a listing of current dockage rates, dockage/POS invoice records, POS sale generation and the Harbormasters Log are all reached from the Main Menu screen. Additional features include emailing capability, internet search access and NOAA weather information from the internet. "Boats in Marina" and "Departing Today" indicators show the current level of marina dockage activity. The "Boats in Marina" button allows quick review access to in-marina customer invoice records and the "Departing Today" button provides quick access to depart those boaters who have cleared their assigned dockage.


Typically, when a boater arrives in the marina you will do a search in the "Customers" database to see if they have an existing information record. If the customer is not in the database, a new record is created. If a customer record exists, it is reviewed and a dockage assignment and invoice is made.
Reach multiple relational database elements that are utilized for customers, invoices, dockage/POS inventory, reservations and other records.
Review Customer Data Entry Sample
Review Invoice Data Entry Sample
Review Reservation Data Entry Sample
Review Inventory Data Entry Sample
Review Marina Overview Data Entry Sample
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Review Reservation Scheduler Overview Sample
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