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Revised: 02/17/2020
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Developer of Custom Filemaker Pro Database Software Solutions

Our "Marina Dockage Management" solution is designed for port, harbor and marina operators who must accommodate both transient and/or seasonal yacht and boat dockage management. It has been developed with the assistance of several municipal marina harbormasters; so as to meet all their unique needs as simply as possible. It is especially helpful to busy marinas with a high transient boater turn over. Limited POS capabilities are provided.
"I sure wish we could keep track of all the transient and seasonal boaters in our marina!"

The MarinaPro Marina Dockage Management software solution is the result of a collaborative effort with several municipal marina harbormasters that goes all the way back to 1997. It all started in Charlevoix, Michigan where the initial project was contracted. As a result of the success achieved there, we were invited to an annual Michigan Harbormasters meeting to demonstrate the software. Since then, MarinaPro has been utilized by many of the municipal and private marinas in the State of Michigan.

MarinaPro offers compatibility with the State of Michigan Marina Dockage Reservations System, and it can also be configured to run your own private In-Marina Reservations System. MarinaPro has been updated to feature a customized real-time marina overview screen layout from which status and virtually all aspects of managing your marina dockage can be viewed and initiated.

MarinaPro is a custom relational database system designed to use the Filemaker Pro database engine. It is compatible with current Windows based PC operating systems. It is comprised of multiple database file solutions that store and track marina boating customers, their dockage reservations, transient/seasonal dockage and limited POS sales transactions.
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