Dockage Reservation Scheduler
Display Accumulated Reservation Requests
Internet Reservation Request List Screen
Reservation requests can be viewed in both List and Data Entry formats. Each record includes complete customer address, phone, credit card, boat registration, boat name and type info.
Marina Reservations Requests

The customer is advised by the marina staff to go to to make an advance dockage reservation request. These internet based requests are processed and are forwarded to the marina via email; with a detailed reservation request Excel file attachment.

Creating and Using Reservation Request Records

Using the Reservation Scheduler, the Excel file attachments are accessed and imported into the Reservation Scheduler database. As shown above, the accumulated reservation requests are displayed and sorted by "Arrival Date".

The displayed information can provide uptodate potential reservation counts and stay durations for better dockage management. The information can be used to update existing customer record information or to create a new customer record.
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