Marina Dockage Reservations
Accomodates State Sponsored or a Custom Reservation System
Reservation Data Entry Screen
Reservations can be viewed in both List and Data Entry formats. Each record requires a Boat Registration ID, Boat Name and Customer Name.
Marina Information and Reservations Website (Optional)

The customer is advised by the marina to go to to make their reservation. There they will be advised that they need to provide a boat registration or documentation number with their reservation request. When a reservation form is received via email, it is reviewed and processed by the marina staff. The customer has provided the credit card information (via our secure website) for billing the full cost of their stay plus a reservation fee, if applicable. If the reservation is confirmed, a confirmation is generated in MarinaPro that is sent to the customer and a billing invoice is created to post the transaction in the daily credit card receipts recorded by MarinaPro. Reservation cancellations and No Shows are also processed thru MarinaPro for crediting or billing the customers credit card. One of the unique features in the MarinaPro Reservation system is the ability to import the reservations directly into MarinaPro were the existing customer database information is updated or the customer is added to the database. Then, the system automatically adds the customers reservation to the reservations database to reduce reservation entry time.

Creating and Using Reservation Records

The reservation record information is drawn from the customer database by simply entering the boat registration or boat name when creating a new reservation. All approiate information about the customer and their boat is automatically entered in the reservation record. By using the mouse to click the "Payment" tab you can view and change the customers payment method which will normally be their credit card.

To enter a new reservation, simply use the "New Reservation" button or "Find Res Customer" button to find an existing customer record by boat registration number, boat name or customer name. You will be asked to enter your PIN security code before being allowed to proceed.

You will now be presented with the "Data Entry" screen where you will enter the requested "Arrival" and "Departure" dates. And lastly select a dockage "Type", usually a dockage "Slip". Thats it!

There is a drop-down list of available dockage that will not typically be assigned to the customer until the day they arrive in the marina. You will see that "Stay Days", "Rate/Day", "Res Fee" and "Total Res" amount is entered automatically for you. You may now print a Customer Confirmation to send to the customer, which is also their credit card charge reciept.
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